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    CQF型氟塑料磁力驅動離心泵 CQF Fluoroplastic Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pump
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    CQF fluoroplastic magnetic driven centrifugal pump is a new type magnetic driven fluoroplastic lined centrifugal pump, designed to international standard ISO2858.The flow passage components are lined with fluoroplastic, and the pumpis fully enclosed and leakage free, suitable in industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, power and paper-making.

    This product is suitable for conveying highly corrosive media. Except for a small number of media such as molten alkali metal and fuming nitric acid, with different fluoroplastics, it can resist the corrosion of all chemical media, including concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia.

    結構說明 Description of structure













    13. 該型號泵可以采用立式結構,型號標記為CQFL。

    1. This pump is of horizontal single stage and single suction type with radial split, axial suction and radial discharge.

    2.The axial load on the pump is mainly balanced hydraulically by the back blades or balance holes on the impeller, and the residual axial force is taken by the thrust bearing.

    3.ISO2858 standard is adopted in place of IHF chemical pumps conveniently.

    4.The driving components are cooled and lubricated by process liquid.

    5.In the whole pump, only 1~2 sealing rings are used, ensuring best safety performance with total enclosing and free of leakage.

    6.Flow passage parts are lined with fluoroplastics, especially PFA, with minimum pollutant separated out, highly suitable for conveying high purity chemical liquid.

    7.The pump shaft is made with high strength pressureless sintered carborundum, and sliding bearings are made with high density carbon type carborundum.

    8.The impeller and inner magnetic rotor are normally in split structure, which is better than the ordinary integrated structure for impeller and inner rotor, reducing the failure loss in case of accident and lowering spare parts consumption.

    9. External volute is available in different materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and modular cast iron, increasing the strength and corrosion resistance of the pump at all media temperature.

    10.Spacers protected by fiber-reinforced hood are used, eliminating eddy current loss and obtaining sufficient strength, with increased pressure bearing capacity of spacer.

    11.Either direct connection or via coupling can be selected for motor, and direct connection of motor saves cost and space, featuring high driving efficiency and convenient installation, without the need of concentricity alignment.

    12.The pump rotates in a clockwise direction when viewed from the driving end.

    13. Pumps of this model can adopt vertical structure. The model marking is CQFL.

    性能范圍Scope of performance       

    流量  Flow               0.8200m3/h

    揚程  Head               580m

    介質溫度  Temperature    -20150

    進口直徑  Import diameter   20150mm

    最大工作壓力 The max working pressure 1.6MPa

    型號意義Type denotation 




    CQF型譜圖 Spectrum of CQF




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